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Healing and Transcending Limiting Patterns

Throughout our lives, we’ve been conditioned to act and believe in certain ways, often leading us to disconnect from our true selves. These ingrained beliefs create a prison, disconnecting us from our soul purpose and limiting our potential. This is the matrix you have the power to hack.

But what if there’s more to us than we’ve been taught?

Discovering our truth is the ultimate freedom and key to our happiness and ability to connect with our soul.

Our memories, teachings, and emotions from past interactions and experiences are stored within our body. Unhelpful emotional memories, teachings, and beliefs become trapped, hindering our growth and ability to manifest.

We perceive our experiences through the lens of these trapped emotions and beliefs, subconsciously interacting with the world in a way that fulfills these perceived expectations, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is why we often manifest outcomes that don’t align with our desires.

Uncover, identify, and release these trapped emotional memories and beliefs, enabling you to transform your perception of the world and consciously shape the reality you desire.

The healing process is two-fold:

1. Heal to feel better and expect better.

2. When you feel and expect better, you create better. You will no longer react to the world around you. You will now be a conscious creator of the world around you.

You will no longer react to your perceived reality. You will now be a conscious creator of your desired reality.

About Audrey Wong

Audrey grew up learning to nurture and grow her own abilities of extrasensory perception and intuition from her maternal grandmother who also had these abilities. Her maternal grandfather taught her about holistic medicine and how to listen to our bodies to discern what foods would be beneficial. Both grandparents taught her about the power of positive thinking and our innate abilities to create our own reality, which would lay the groundwork for her ability to work consciously with the law of attraction. She always believed in “magic” and that the Universe was bringing to her what she consciously intended.

She studied computer science and psychology at Rutgers University and received her Bachelor of Science in 1995. She loved computer science because it helped her to develop her problem solving and analytic abilities. Because of her intuition, she was able to predict events and connect dots that others may not easily see. Computer science provided her tools and methodologies to validate and communicate what she intuited. She studied psychology because she had experienced childhood trauma and wanted to understand her experiences. This helped her better understand herself and people in general.

After graduating, Audrey was diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) that resulted from her childhood trauma. She had an inner knowing that she would be able heal this, so she continued to study psychology and also studied spirituality and healing. She received her Reiki attunement, studied shamanism, mediumship, akashic record reading, and various healing modalities that allowed her to learn to work with energy. She is a Neuromodulation Technique (NMT) practitioner and can include this modality in a client session if requested.

She developed a body-focused meditation that combined her spiritual, psychology, and computer science background to “debug” trauma and negative emotional memories that science has proved is trapped in our bodies.

She learned that if she meditated and focused on her body, she could heal and clear past trauma and external programming that is the “noise” that people always refer to when they talk about the difficulties encountered during meditation. Quieting the mind doesn’t work when we meditate because it’s actually the body that is the noise in our head.

When she traced back to her earliest memories and created new empowered versions of the memories, she was able to heal her self-limiting beliefs and fears permanently. She also found that she could release and heal past life trauma through this meditation practice.

She was able to heal her CPTSD. Health-wise, Audrey has become healthier with the work. She was able to heal chronic IBS and eczema that resulted from stress from her CPTSD.

She learned through her own healing work that when she released past trauma, her aura no longer reflected the past and this allowed her to more easily engage with the law of attraction. Her past trauma was attracting people and situations that matched her past trauma.

Your trapped trauma in your body acts as a 24/7 magnet that engages with the law of attraction. When you release the trauma from your body, you are able to more easily manifest what you desire in life.

The healing work has evolved to also heal trauma and karma from past lives. A lot of our fears and trauma responses are rooted in past life experiences. We also signed soul contracts with other souls before we incarnated to line up our soul lessons and karmic patterns. Root Trauma Release provides an easy and efficient way to perform past life regressions to gain understanding of all we have experienced at a higher soul level. When we have clarity at this level, we are able to truly feel inner peace.

She attracted clients from around the world due to her business success and found the healing work helped her clients change their lives and manifest their desired realities. She discovered she could teach this body-focused meditation where her clients were able to feel better about themselves immediately, have better self-esteem, confidence, mental health, emotional health, and overall health. They have been able to more easily manifest their desired realities and align with their inner soul calling.

You will love your session with Audrey. She’s able to help you feel better immediately if you are going through a difficult time. She will help you align with your soul calling so you can manifest the “right for you” reality.

Audrey's Career and Business Background

Audrey’s career began as a child television actor at age 8. In the same year, she also received an art study scholarship from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

After graduating college, Audrey worked at at Accenture, as a management consultant where she earned the top-tier ranking (“Band 1″, Top Performer”) every year at Accenture. She later founded businesses that grossed 6-8 figures that became leaders in their respective industries.

Combining her computer science and psychology background, management consulting, and her artistic and performing skills allowed her to provide a unique opportunity to be a proven leader in all aspects of her business: sales, business development, finance, designing, information technology, marketing, process innovation, strategic planning, manufacturing, project management, and so on.

These experiences have not only allowed her to advance in the business world but to be able to advise others on how to conduct their businesses. In a performance block healing session, she has an intuitive ability to get to the root with what is going on with your business or professional career. How well your business is performing and how you are doing at work is a reflection of what is going on within you and what you are attracting into your life. A client session with Audrey helps you understand how your past is recreating your present and how to debug this so you can attract a more desired reality.

Audrey also works with businesses and their leaders to help them navigate a dynamic global and economic landscape. Leveraging her management consulting experience as well as her entrepreneurial and international business success, she can help companies at any stage in their development cycle. Whether the business is in the startup phase or expansion phase, she can leverage her many years of experience in entrepreneurship, management consulting, process and systems design, development, implementation, and change management to co-create a strategic and operations plan that will match the industry and unique culture of the business. She has worked with companies ranging from start-up to Fortune 500 companies helping them to refine and clarify goals and effectively work to successfully achieve them consistently.

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