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Audrey's success with her businesses has led her to be a content creator, writer, and speaker where she teaches and shares about business, entrepreneurship, performance optimization, success, and creating the reality you desire.

Audrey also teaches about her healing modalities, Root Trauma Release™ and Root Karma Release. These modalities combine computer science, spirituality, and psychology to heal our earliest root traumatic memories from our current and past lives that are causing most limitations and self-sabotage we inflict on ourselves.

Her writing has been featured in various industry and business periodicals and she has been asked to speak at TEDx, University lectures, and corporate events. She has also been interviewed by TV, radio shows, and podcasts.

TEDx Audrey Wong

Healing Trauma Through the Lens of Computer Science

Where Audrey Wong has been featured

  • TEDxAlbany
  • Key note speaker, Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce
  • Key note speaker, University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Key note speaker, University of Michigan School of Information
  • Key note speaker, Accenture International Women’s Day
  • Speaker, Women’s Exchange of Washtenaw
  • National Association of Professional Women’s (NAPW ) Women of the Year
  • Selected for Corp! Magazine’s Business of the Year Award
  • Leadership Excellence – Business periodical
  • Concentratemedia.com – online magazine
  • HR.com – human resources internet community
  • iHeartRadio
  • Ann Arbor Community Television Network
  • Crain’s Detroit Business
  • Lucy Ann Lance Show- Talk show based in Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • InsightTimer – Audrey’s meditations have been chosen as a Daily Staff Pick multiple times
  • My BeautyFuel by JJ
  • Once A Week with Billy Giannouloudis
  • Quietest Moments
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